Hopes for #nattinaturen record

#nattinaturen outdoors activities tent100,000 last year: Saturday, September 1st, the Sleep Outdoors campaign #nattinaturen is hosted throughout Norway for the fourth consecutive year. Photo: Nikolay Øyehaug

Hopes for #nattinaturen record on September 1st

In 2017, 100,000 were sleeping outdoors during the Sleep Outdoors campaign #nattinaturen (night in nature). Norsk Friluftsliv  (Norwegian Outdoor Life) believe that the record will be beaten this coming Saturday.


Saturday, September 1st, the Sleep Outdoors campaign #nattinaturen is hosted throughout Norway for the fourth consecutive year. Last year, 100,000 people slept outdoors on this night, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos.

– We are aiming to beat last year’s record and hope that forests, mountains and gardens from north to south will be filled once again with tents and hammocks, says Secretary-General of Norwegian Outdoor Life, Lasse Heimdal.

Wants everybody to join in

#nattinaturen has proved to be very popular to partake in. Lasse Heimdal believes the reason is that you choose the how and where to participate, yourself and that you can do so regardless of where you live in Norway.

– The concept of #nattinaturen is simple; Everybody is invited to join. It does not matter if you raise the tent in the backyard or in the mountains, hang the hammock in the woods behind your house, or simply drag your duvet on to your balcony for this one night, Heimdal says.

Let the children try tenting

Norwegian Outdoor Life is hoping that many children, in particular, will experience sleeping outdoors for the first time on Saturday, September 1st.

– #nattinaturen is a great opportunity for parents to bring the children along on a camping trip for the first time. And one does not have to overcomplicate – for a child, tenting in the backyard will appear as an equally great adventure as anything more elaborate, says Heimdal.

In addition to encouraging people to sleep outside during #nattinaturen, there are also overnight stays organized by local groups and associations throughout the country, open to everyone. Where these are held, you can find in the National Activity Calendar on www.friluftslivetsuke.no.

Record open-air celebration across Norway

#nattinaturen marks the opening of the Outdoor Life Week 2018, which lasts from September 1st to September 9th. This week there will be over 1,100 open-air events, activities, tours and courses throughout the country.

Behind the week is the umbrella organization Norsk Friluftsliv and its 17 member organizations. A number of municipalities, outdoor councils and other organizations also contribute with activities. The goal of the Outdoor Life Week, which has been arranged since 1993, is that as many people as possible will get into nature.

Facts about the Outdoor Life Week 2018

  • Arranged across Norway from September 1st to 9th
  • The week starts with the Sleep Outdoors campaign #nattinaturen on Saturday, September 1st
  • The umbrella organization Norsk Outdoor Life and its 17 member organizations are behind the arrangement
  • On www.friluftslivetsuke.no you will find over 1,100 events, organised by place and date


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