Huge demand for royal couple’s anniversary exhibition in the Palace Park

Palace ParkOslo.Royal couple's anniversary exhibition in the Palace Park.Photo : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

About 12,000 people have visited the royal couple’s anniversary exhibition at the Royal Palace. Two exhibited service cabins are particularly popular.

People standing in line to get into the two tourist cabins that are on display at the King’s and Queen’s jubilee exhibition called, “royal couple for 25 years.”

– Our cabin guards have their hands full to answer all the questions from tourists. Especially the international tourists who are very intrigued by our cabin system which is based on trust, where you borrow a key and make payment after the visit, said Secretary General Nils Øveraas DNT (The Norwegian tourist association).
The Queen has also lent her private equipment exhibition.

– It just shows what a great personal commitment she has, he said.
To show how Norwegian culture changed the castle wanted both a traditional and modern DNT cabin in the park. Hovinkoia from Ringerike is a simple, unattended forest cabin from 1937 and will be retired at the Norwegian Folk Museum when the exhibition is finished.

The other cottage is one of five sleeping cabins from “New SKÅP” an ultramodern cabin created and organized by the Stavanger Tourist Association.
The exhibition “royal couple for 25 years” is open to the public from Thursday to Sunday throughout the summer.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today