Imran Saber charged with fraud of Munch lithograph

Imran Saber charged with fraud of Munch lithographGallery Nyborg art in Oslo was robbed a valuable Munch lithograph.Photo Lise Åserud / Scanpix

Police have arrested Imran Saber and another person for receipt of stolen property of the Munch lithograph “History”, which was stolen in 2009. The picture was found on Monday.

The lithograph was found by officials from the  division of  organized crime in the Oslo police , the newspaper Aftenposten writes.
– On Monday we arrested a man in Vestfold and on Tuesday a man in Oslo. They are charged with aggravated handling  of stolen goods and will be prepared for custody,  police inspector Einar Aas said.
He will not comment on where and how the picture – which were stolen from a gallery in Oslo in 2009 – was found.
According to Aftenposten, one of the persons arrested Imran Saber (38),  were often referred to as David Toska’s ” Minister of Finance” and “Uncle Scrooge”
– My client denies culpability, saying Sabers lawyer, Øystein Storrvik


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today