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Increase in humanistic confirmations



In total, 10,509 youth has chosen humanistic confirmation for 2017.

This corresponds to 17.4 percent of the age group and is the highest percentage ever.

Leader of Ceremonies in Human Etisk Forbund, Lene Mürer, is extremely pleased with the numbers.

– It’s amazing that so many young people want to use of their time to discuss and reflect on topics such as ethics, identity and human rights, says Mürer.

Critical thinking is one of the main topics on the confirmation course agenda, something which Mürer believes is especially important these days.

– In today’s information society the ability to think critically and independently more important than ever, and that is precisely what we want to convey to the young people via our courses, she says.

The Fewest choose humanistic confirmation in Sogn og Fjordane, where only 5.7 percent of 15-year-olds goes for this option.

The offer is most popular in Vestfold with 25.7 percent and in Oslo at 24 percent. There isn’t a requirement that one must be a member of the Human Ethical Association to participate in humanistic confirmation.

By comparison, 60 percent of the country’s 15-year-olds elected confirmation in the Norwegian Church last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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