Islamic Council proposes Muslim child welfare institutions

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In order to safeguard the right of minority children to preserve their cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds, the Islamic Council proposes its own Muslim child welfare institutions.

In the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs’ proposal for a new Child Welfare Act, they propose a new overall provision that clarifies that the child welfare service must take this into account in its work. Islamic Council Norway (IRN) believes the wording “consideration” is too weak, writes Vårt Land.

Therefore, the umbrella organization for 33 Islamic faiths and organizations in Norway proposes to create their own Muslim child welfare institutions, as one of several possible solutions.

Leader Abdirahman Diriye of the Islamic Council Norway tells the newspaper that it is a well-known case that the child welfare system has confidence problems in immigrant environments, partly because of lack of knowledge about the environment.

– “Establishing Muslim child welfare institutions could make parents feel confident that their children are being educated in line with the values they themselves stand for,” he says.

Diriye emphasizes that the institutions will be just like other child welfare institutions, but with staff who safeguard the children’s cultural, linguistic and religious background.

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