July 22 movie filmed at the government quarter

Movie recordingMovie recording in Oslo.Photo: Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

On Saturday, the events that lead to the terror attack at the government quarter in Oslo on July 22 were recreated for a movie which is currently being recorded in the area.


The American film which is being funded by streaming giant Netflix, has the working title “Norway”, and it is based on the novel: “One of us” by Åsne Seierstad.

Armed soldiers, police cars with lights and sirens blaring and frightened people fleeing from the ministries in Akersgata were among the scenes that were recreated and filmed yesterday morning. All the scenes from the Oslo area were filmed Saturday, Aftenposten writes.

Filming of the movie started a month ago and will last for six weeks. The first scenes filmed were on location at Håøya on Nøtterøy in Vestfold, those were filmed in early November.

Anders Danielsen Lie plays Anders Behring Breivik, while Jon Øigarden has the role of lawyer Geir Lippestad and Ola Furuseth plays Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. The film director is Paul Greengras.

According to Netflix, the film will be built around three story lines; First it will concentrate on the survivors, on their journey to healing after the attacks and with the confrontation with the terrorist during the trial.

The second will concentrate on political Norway and how the country was ruled through a crisis. The third part is focused on the lawyers who secured the terrorist a fair trial.

There is already large criticism in the making of the film, about the tragedy, and over 22,000 people have signed an appeal against the film.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today