July 22nd Monuments have cost NOK 10.2 million

Illustrasjon. 22 juli monument.UtøyaIllustrasjon. 22 juli monument.Utøya.Photo: Jonas Dahlberg Studio / NTB scanpix

So far, the work on the July 22nd monuments has cost NOK 10.2 million.

The conflict with neighbours at Utøya has led to uncertainty about the process.

It has been three years since the Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg was given the green light to start work on three monument locations after the July 22nd incident.

Figures from KORO (Art in Public Room) shows that at the end of February the state has spent a total of almost NOK 10.2 million on the projects, according to Aftenposten.

Dahlberg has already been paid NOK 4.3 million. Of this, NOK 2.26 million was related to the project in the municipality of Hole, which still has an uncertain future.

– What happens in Hole, is without prejudice to the work of temporary and permanent memorials in the government quarter.

Dahlberg is continuing his work on these projects and with regards to the one in Hole, the work has been put on hold, says Svein Bjørkås, Director in KORO.

The contract between KORO and Jonas Dahlberg is roughly NOK 21 million. The artist may be entitled to compensation if the memorial at Sørbråten in Hole is not completed.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today