Kim Friele gets his own sculpture in Bergen

Kim FrieleKim Friele.Photo: Ryan Kelly / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian author and activist Kim Friele (85) now has his own sculpture in Bergen Sentrum. The Artist Lina Viste Grønli will design the work “Kim’s Benches”. 

Several have previously argued that there are too few statues and sculptures of women in Bergen. Now the municipalities project “Women on the shelf” will do something about the case.

First out in the venture is Kim Friele from Bergen, who gets a sculpture in the form of three benches that together spell the name K-I-M. The sculpture is scheduled to be unveiled on Frieles 86th birthday on the 27th of May next year. 

Karen-Christine “Kim” Friele has for several decades been a active in the fight for gay rights in Norway, and she is know as the country’s first open lesbian woman.

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