King’s merit medal goes to Marit Hermansen

King's merit medal goes to Marit HermansenKing's merit medal goes to Marit Hermansen.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Marit Hermansen received the King’s merit medal for her work against racism and discrimination.

Marit Hermansen has, for a number of years, worked to raise awareness of racism and discrimination in Norwegian schools.

The HL-center has collaborated with Hermansen for several years, including in connection to the Benjamin Prize.Marit Hermansen lost her son, Benjamin Hermansen,in 2001 when he was stabbed and killed at Holmlia in Oslo by three people affiliated with the right-wing extremists in Norway.

‘’Marit has chosen to use personal grief to fight against racism as a social problem. We know that this has not been easy. But through this,her grief has become our grief,’’ said Hjeltnes.

In an interview in connection with NRK’s podcast, “The whole story”, Hermansen said that ‘’it is important that one does not try to hide and minimise the fact that neo-Nazi groups exist.
Through her work in Norwegian schools and in public, Marit has used her knowledge and expertise. She is a voice that is listened to because of her involvement, her experience and her knowledge’’ said Hjeltnes.

The ceremony will take place at the HL-center at Bygdøy in Oslo on Friday 1st March. Minister for Knowledge and Integration, Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H) will be present.

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