“Krumkake” is the favourite at Yuletide

krumkake cookie cakeKrumkake (Crumble cake) may not be considered as a cookie, but is one of the favourite "7 sorts" at Yuletide. Photo: melk.no

“Krumkake” is the favourite cookie for the Yuletide

True to tradition, Yule cookies are an important part of the mid-winter holiday season for Norwegians. But among the myriad of different sorts, Krumkake” (similar to Italian Pizzelle) reigns sovereign.


It is an undisputed fact that Norwegians prefer many and varied Christmas cookies, according to a survey conducted by Norstat for the Information Centre for Dairy Products (Melk.no). More than 80 per cent of the respondents informs that they eat cookies in connection with the Yuletide.

“It’s no wonder that the “Krumkake” ranks high. They are delicious, crumbly and delicate and can be used in many ways. They can form a serving bowl for mullonberry cream or shaped like an ice-cone,” says Director in Melk.no, Ida Berg Hauge.

«Top 5» among the Yule cookies are: “Krumkake”, “Pepperkake” (gingerbread), “Kransekake” (Tower cake), “Lefse” (flatbread) and “Smultring” (doughnuts). The popularity of “Krumkake” is large among children and increases with age. Particularly among older women, the crumbly trumpet is sought after.

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Regional differences

There are big regional differences when it comes to which cookies must be on the menu at Yuletide.

“For example, Lefse is an important part of the festivities in Northern Norway, while those living in Oslo do not hold this among their favourites. Also, from family to family, it often varies which Yule cookies are a «must» for the festivities to be complete,” According to Hauge.

Krumkake iron with the Norwegian Lion as the motif. Photo: Roede / Wikipedia

Good raw materials

One requirement is common to all «cookies monsters». Good ingredients are a prerequisite for the cookies to be top notch. Most preferably there has to be good real butter in the dough, almost half of those responding answers.

“The good butter taste makes for the Yule cookies to taste perfect,” Ida Berg Hauge notes.

The survey is based on 1035 interviews from a representative national selection of participants and was conducted in November 2018.

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