Letter sent from Norwegian ship sold for 720,000 kroner

Illustration.Letter.Photo: pixabay.com

A letter sent from a Norwegian passenger ship in 1860 was recently sold for 720,000 million at an auction. The envelope was stamped with several valuable stamps.

The unique collector item went under the hammer in Oslo last weekend, stated the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

– An amazing letter which was stamped and posted aboard the S / S “Jupiter” in 1860 was the object which achieved the highest price.

The ship was on its way from Bergen to Hamburg, and the letter was forwarded from there to Amsterdam.

The sales price was the entire 720,000 million including buyer’s premium, said Joachim Aursland, who is a marketing manager in Skanfil Auctions. He will not reveal any other information about the buyer other than that they were a Norwegian.

The letter described as one of the highlights of Norwegian philately, and it is franked with a block of two-, three- and fireskillings stamps. In total, it cost 30 shillings to send the letter.

Aursland mean stamp collection has in no way gone out of fashion and people are encouraged to look for hidden treasures in their attics and cellars.

– Stamp Collection time is past, and we think there are many who have intriguing objects that they do not know the value of, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today