Liv Ullmann 80th at the National Theatre

Liv UllmannLiv Ullmann.Photo: Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Liv Ullmann birthday celebration at the National Theatre

On Sunday, the celebration of Liv Ullmann’s 80th birthday continues, this time at the National Theatre.


Behind Sunday’s birthday celebration in Oslo was the National Theatre. There were a number of people from Norwegian and international cultural and social life present, including Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Høyre (H).

The first part of Sunday’s festivities was open to the press, while a private part of the celebration continued afterwards without the media present.

The actor can look back on a 60-year career. It started at the Rogaland Theatre, where she debuted as Anne Frank in 1957.

The breakthrough abroad was Jan Troell’s drama film, “Emigrants” (1971). She won a Golden Globe and was nominated for the Oscar for the best female lead role.

Ullmann is also known for her long-standing collaboration with Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, who she also had her daughter, Linn, with. She played in ten of Bergman’s films between 1966 and 2003.

Norway’s queen of films has also hosted a series of films and theatre arrangements that have resulted in several honorary awards, including the Peer Gynt Prize – and the Norwegian Cultural Council’s honorary prize.


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