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Luka Okros spellbinds Oslo

Luka Okros Pianist ConcertLuka and Anna in home surroundings. Photo: Private

Luka Okros spellbinds Oslo in an intimate concert

There are few times in life where you feel absolutely spellbound. When the Georgian pianist Luka Okros (27) enters the stage and magically transforms from a relatively small man into a giant, is one of those.

“Luka is a little shy as he gives a short introduction of each composer, emphasising on feelings before the rendering of each piece on the nights’ repertoire.
His performance is spellbinding, giving the audience his everything.
Most surprising of all, half of the audience is made up of young people, showing that good classical music is appreciated not only by the old guard.”

Will go far

“He will go far, evoking a lot of feelings with his music.
We will never forget this magic moment and this young man with the endowment of a young man far outweighing performers with many years more experience in the limelight.
In short, an unforgettable concert, intimate, close and warm in the «Lille Sal» of the Oslo Concert house.”

~ Gun Johansen

Luka, a personal meeting

Working for Norway Today seldom leaves much time to perform actual journalistic tasks like interviewing people. On rare occasions, time and place do, however, coincide to do so.
Before the concert, Luka and his lovely companion Anna (please don’t ask me to pronounce either of their last names!) spared the time to have a brief chat on Friday before the Saturday night concert.

It turns out that they both are not only obsessed with music but are also engaged in the world as such.

We naturally briefly went into their Georgian background, talking about (in)famous Georgians like Stalin, Beria, Shevardnadze and the short war with Russia in the aftermath of the Soviet empire.
We also touch into Georgian food, wine, the people, geography and language.

The couple is currently based in London, making it relatively to hold concerts and recitals around the globe.
This year they have had – or will have – concerts in Hong Kong, New York and around Europe (including our hometown, Stavanger). For those that missed out on Saturday; they hope to squeeze in another visit to Oslo sometime next year.
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Pianist Luka Okros in Oslo


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