Many calls to help telephone line after showing of Michael Jackson documentary

Feb. 23, 2005. Michael Jackson arrives at Santa Barbara County Superior Court in Santa Maria, Calif. Three major Montreal radio stations have stopped playing Michael Jackson songs as a result of child-molestation allegations against the late musician that aired Sunday, March 3, 2019 in an HBO documentary. A spokeswoman for the owner of the French-language stations CKOI and Rythme and the English-language The Beat said this week they pulled Jackson's music Monday morning. (AP Photo/Carlo Allegri, pool, file)

The incest and sexual abuse help-phone line received more than doubling its usual inquiries after NRK showed the documentary, “Leaving Neverland”.

The documentary film tells the story of two men who claim that children were abused by Michael Jackson in his home and was shown last Sunday. Since the screening, the nationwide phone-line for incest and sexual abuse has had more than double its number of inquiries P4 news reported.

On average, the line has about 40 inquiries daily. But after the documentary was shown, over 100 inquiries were received, and all referred to the documentary about the deceased singer. So many people called at once that they couldn’t answer everyone.

Several of the callers emerged as victims of abuse for the first time said general manager, Mary-Ann Oshaug.

‘’Otherwise, the phone calls related to mothers who did not care for their kids. In addition, there were some men who managed to open up. So I think the documentary had a lot to say about vulnerable men’’ said Oshaug to P4.

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