Many are tricked into buying counterfeit festival tickets

Sandra Alstad (22) (L), Irina Øhrbom (23)Sandra Alstad (22) (L), Irina Øhrbom (23): Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

Each year many people are swindled when buying tickets for festivals. Even before the Slottsfjellfestivalen starts,   several fake tickets have been  discovered.

The Festival Summer is well underway, and many festivals are already sold out. Slottsfjellfestivalen at Tønsberg which starts on Wednesday , were sold out of the festival passes this winter. But there are many people who buy and sell tickets for this and other festivals outside the official channels – and every year there are many who feel  ripped off, either through the black market or counterfeit tickets.

The latter was the case for the friends Sandra Alstad (22) and Irina Øhrbon (23) from Trondheim, who wanted to go to Slottsfjellfestivalen for the first time.
– You hear about fraud, but you think  it will not happen to you, says Alstad.
Not valid ticket
After searching for tickets for Slotsfjellfestivalen for a few months in the spring, they decided to put out a “ticket Wanted” ad on, since they did not want to buy tickets on the black market.
A seller who seemed trustworthy eventually made contact, and they paid him 2,000 kroner each for tickets, which they received by email. Arriving at the festival, they were told that the tickets were invalid, because the invoice for the tickets had  not been paid.

– We trusted that everything had been taken care of, but when we were going to redeem the tickets, we were told that the tickets were not valid. We were left “with the tent in our hands” and thought ‘What do we do now? “, Alstad says.

– Will report the case
Approximately 12,500 people visit Slottsfjell every day during  four days of the festival. Each year  fraud is  uncovered both before and during the festival.
– People are creative when they fool people. There are a number of cases each year where we unfortunately have to turn someone away at the door because the tickets have already been redeemed. That is the most classic of the scams – that one ticket is sold several times,  Silje Larsen Borgan, information manager at Slottsfjellfestivalen, explains.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today o