Mission Impossible at the Pulpit Rock

Mission Impossible shooting at the Pulpit RockMission Impossible shooting at the Pulpit Rock outside Stavanger. The film team prepares for the shooting. Photo: NTB / scanpix

All systems go for Mission Impossible VI at the Pulpit Rock

When the night sets in, nearly 2,000 mountain hikers will see the pre-premiere of the latest Mission Impossible movie with Lysefjorden as a backdrop. The stunt is in part to inform the world that the landmark is still to be found in Lysefjorden.


The one-night viewing on the world famous mountain plateau starts at 11 pm on Wednesday night. More than 1,500 have bought cinema tickets, and another 300-400 guests are invited, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

– We have brought the best cinematic equipment that is possible to get with us. Outdoors cinema we do a lot of, but rarely so high up in the mountains and this far from any road, says Tore Brede Michelsen and John Erik Armelius in Unique Cinema Systems.

Just behind the silver screen, the mountainside drops more than 600 metres into the fjord below. It was on this sheer mountainside, the main character played by Tom Cruise dangled during the recording of the film last autumn.

Transposed to Kashmir

The Pulpit Rock is clearly visible for four minutes towards the end of the film, but the location is transposed to Kashmir in India. NRK has previously written that the Norwegian tourism industry transports a number of international media to the spectacular cinematic experience. This is in the hope that it will contribute to added attention to where the scene is actually shot.

The action-filled movie lasts for 2 hours and 25 minutes, entailing a mass exodus down from the mountain around 1.30 am on Thursday. The trail will be illuminated by 200 spotlights, and people are encouraged to bring along head torches.

Mission Impossible 6 has received brilliant reviews worldwide and sold tickets worth USD 61.5 million during the opening weekend in the USA – a record for the series of movies.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today