Munch Museum begins to take shape

Lambda-building in BjørvikaOslo, Lambda-building in Bjørvika.Photo : Erik Johansen / Jon Eeg / NTB scanpix

In barely five weeks the Lambda-building in Bjørvika, which will house the Munch Museum from 2020, has risen to its full height. Yesterday the so-called slipforming was finished.

The casting work began in mid-November and is now ready as planned before Christmas.

Slipforming is a special building technique that makes it possible to errect tall buildings over a short time. The technique makes it possible to start erecting outer walls and the vertical inner walls simoultanelously. Work has been going on around the clock.

The entire building will be completed in December 2019 and handed over on schedule to the Munch Museum in 2020.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today