Munch in the United States of America

Edvard MunchEdvard Munch

On Monday, a Munch exhibition opens at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

On Tuesday, the winner of the International Munch Prize will be announced in New York, and an international conference about Munch and his work will be held in Scandinavia House.

‘In addition, an exhibition showing Munch’s photographs will open in a museum attached to Scandinavia House,’ said Munch Museum Director, Stein Olav Henrichsen.

The exhibition will show films and photos taken by Munch.

Many exhibitions in the United States

The exhibition that opens at the Metropolitan on Monday is titled, ‘Edvard Munch: Between the Clock and the Bed’. It shows a collection of 43 of Munch’s images, including 16 self-portraits, and works that haven’t been shown in the United States before now’, according to the New York Museum’s website.
The exhibition was shown in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from June to October this year, and had nearly 215,000 visitors.
2017 has been a year with many Munch exhibitions in the United States. In addition to New York and San Francisco, there has been a Munch exhibition in Richmond, Virginia.’Jasper Johns + Edvard Munch’ was exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. This exhibition has previously been shown at the Munch Museum.

‘It was a very nice, smaller exhibition, with three ‘Scream’ works shown in the Neue Gallery in New York. I am very pleased that we now have a Munch exhibition at the Metropolitan, which may be the most prestigious in the United States art world,’ said Henrichsen to NTB news.

Tokyo and Moscow next year

The museum director said that the Munch Museum receives between 50 and 60 invitations from museums around the world every year.

‘Internationally, interest in Munch is very big. We have 20,000 to 30,000 entries in the international press about Munch every year, and compete well with museums like van Gogh and Picasso,’ said Henrichsen.

Next year, Munch exhibitions in Tokyo and Moscow are planned , and in 2019, China.

‘In 2019 there will also be a Munch exhibition at the British Museum in London. We are very pleased with that. Then we are working on an exhibition project in Germany, which has not yet been fully finalised. We will have one, maybe two, exhibitions in connection with the fact that in 2019, Norway is the mainland of the Book Fair in Frankfurt, said Stein Olav Henrichsen.


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