New survey: One in two believes in Muslim culture crash

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Muslim and Western ways of living are incompatible, almost every other Norwegian answers in a survey conducted by the Norwegian Citizens’ Panel.


Confronted with the claim “Western European and Muslim ways of living are incompatible”, the majority of those who gave their opinion, answered that they agree to some extent, according to Bergens Tidende.

Professor Elisabeth Ivarsflaten at the University of Bergen who is responsible for the Citizens Panel, is conducting research, among other things, on the Norwegians’ change in attitudes towards immigration and integration.

She says that the result must be interpreted together with other questions that concern the subject. “Overall, we can say that there is a will among the majority population to include Muslims to some extent, but not at all,” she said.

Ivarsflaten states that other results show that the majority believe Muslim traditions and ways of life should be respected, but not protected.

“There is a clear boundary between giving respect and actively supporting religion and tradition,” she says.

The Frp party voters are the most skeptical, and raise an eyebrow. Almost eight out of ten Frp voters agree with the survey. In the next two places, about half of voters from the Right, and the Center Parties agree.



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2 Comments on "New survey: One in two believes in Muslim culture crash"

  1. Gary J. Hagen | 15. August 2017 at 04:41 |

    Muslims belong only in Muslim countries.

  2. Berhane Haile | 16. August 2018 at 08:42 |

    I agree with gary J hagen. Most Moslems consider a Moslem from another country their brother while they don’t say this to their compatriot if he is not a Moslem. Again most Moslems do not want to integrate. While they deny Christians in Islamic countries to practice their religion freely, they want to assert their religion and culture in countries they have come as refugees. If Moslems want to live as Moslems, let them go to their country of origin. Last but not least, Turkish nationals who support their regime, Somalis, Moroccans, Egyptians, Iraqis etc have no problems i their home countries, Still they want mosques and sharia law in Europe. I say a big NO. Unless Moslem countries believe in democracy and allow other religions to practice their religion. No to double standards must be our motto.

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