No Christmas dinner without cabbage or neeps

Red cabbage Yule food christmasDo you want to make homemade red cabbage this year? It's easier than you think. Photo: Frukt & Grønt

There will be no Chrismas dinner without cabbage or neeps

The Yule tide is a time for tradition, and traditions should be preserved. Taste, fragrance and music are things that evoke memories, and during the Christmas we are reminded of the best memories from our childhood. Sauerkraut and neeps are some of the most common accessories to Norwegian Christmas dinners


Half of Norway’s population eat pork ribs on Christmas Eve, and accompanying the ribs are potatoes and sauerkraut, red cabbage or both, but more than half the population do not know how to make the sauerkraut themselves, according to a survey conducted by Epinion on behalf of the Information Office for Fruit and Vegetables (Opplysningskontoret for frukt og grønt).

The common cabbage, which is the main ingredient of sauerkraut, is grown all over the country. It is hardy and tolerates our climate while also being well suited for storage. 89% of the cabbage sold in Norway in 2016 was made in Norway.

– It is not for no reason that many of the traditional dishes contain cabbage in different shapes and forms. In addition to being short travelled, a harty amount of cabbage on the plate is a great way to balance the Christmas meal and the slightly fatty Christmas food, says Gerd Byermoen in the Information Office for Fruit and Vegetables.

In 2016 each and every one of us ate 2.4 kgs cabbage and also the same amount of neeps. additionally, we consumed red cabbage, brussels sprouts and other types of cabbage. It does not sound like much, but we see that the interest in cabbage is increasing and that young people have begun to use cabbage in their meals – as many want to eat more vegetarian food to preserve the environment.

The best accessories are made from cabbage and neeps

With the pork ribs, sauerkraut with apple is a sure fire winner. We ralso recommend rosacea that is not only a sight for sore eyes, but tastes heavenly to boot. Sheep ribs, a delicious neep mash is a must have. The neeps has become much sweeter and tastier in recent years, but many still like to add a few carrots and ginger in stew. That provides both sweetness and nice color.

At the Christmas table, some cold variants are nice to have. One favorite is red cabbage salad with figs; another is red cabbage salad with apples, orange and nuts. Fresh and delicious. The red cabbage has a nice color and tastes good both cooked and in salads.

The rosetta cabbage is also beautiful. If you want it on the during the Yule tide, it can be wrapped in slices of ham and served freshly baked.

At the turn of the year, the menu varies somewhat more, but we see that many choose game or turkey for their new year’s party dinner. Then Brussels sprouts are a All types of cabbage contain important nutrients that are good for the body, and dishes containing cabbage are only limited by imagination

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