Nordic noir, dark humor, and vampires: Norway has a new series on Netflix

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“Post-Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes” is a new Netflix series out of Norway.

On Wednesday, Post-Mortem: No One Dies In Skarnes launched on Netflix.

Netflix’s descriptions for the show read:

“It’s just another average day in this small Norwegian town until a young woman is found dead in a field. But things are not as they seem,” and

“She’s back from the dead and has a newfound thirst for blood. Meanwhile, her family’s funeral parlor desperately needs more business. Hmm, what if…”

We won’t spoil the show with any reveals, but if you’re into vampire horror with a touch of dark comedy – and reading from subtitles if you don’t speak Norwegian – you’ll probably like this one.

The show, rated 16+ on Netflix, has one season with six episodes (each lasting around 45 minutes) for now.

Starring Kathrine Thorborg Johansen in the main role, plus Elias Holmen Sørensen, Kim Fairchild, André Sørum, and more, the show is directed by Harald Zwart and Petter Holmsen.

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