Norway and JOWST to the Eurovision Final

JOWST, Eurovision Song Contest, in Kiev, Ukraine,The finalists pose on stage after the second Semifinal for the Eurovision Song Contest, in Kiev, Ukraine, Thursday, May 11, 2017. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

JOWST got voted into the finals of the ESC

Norway got voted on from the semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) and JOWST will therefore perform in the finals in Kiev on Saturday. If you are in Norway you can watch the semi-finals on NRK TV.


This year’s Norwegian contribution, “Grab The Moment”, features text by Jonas McDonnell.

It is composed by Joakim With Steen, aka JOWST. The Vocalist is Aleksander Walmann.

The sickest I’ve felt

– This is the sickest I’ve ever felt in my body, Walmann comments to the NRK from the” Green Room “after the presentation.

– It went really well. Everything came together! Says Steen.

In advance, there was a great deal of excitement about the LED mask that is part of the show. It failed during both of the rehearsals Wednesday, including the one that formed the basis for the jury’s voices.

Italy and Portugal

Italy is the clear favorite, according to betting agencies. Francesco Gabbani performs “Occidentali’s Karma”, and on stage he has a dancer in a gorilla costume.

Portugal sails up as the number two favourite. It is Salvador Sobral who performs “Amar Pelos Dois”, but due to a heart condition, he has been unable to attend many of the rehearsals in Kiev.

It is instead his sister who has been present in his stead.  The sister is also the writer of the song.


It was Jamala who made sure that Ukraine is this years organizer after winning the competition in Stockholm last year with the song 1944.

According to her own website, she will perform the new song “I Believe in U” as part of the final show on Saturday.

Other finalists

Bulgaria, Belarus, Croatia, Hungary, Denmark, Israel, Romania, the Netherlands and Austria make up the ten who were called back up to the stage.

Running Order in the finals

  • 1. Israel
  • 2. Poland
  • 3. Belarus
  • 4. Austria
  • 5. Armenia
  • 6. The Netherlands
  • 7. Moldova
  • 8. Hungary
  • 9. Italy
  • 10. Denmark
  • 11. Portugal
  • 12. Azerbaijan
  • 13. Croatia
  • 14. Australia
  • 15. Greece
  • 16. Spain
  • 17. Norway
  • 18. United Kingdom
  • 19. Cyprus
  • 20. Romania
  • 21. Germany
  • 22. Ukraine
  • 23. Belgium
  • 24. Sweden
  • 25. Bulgaria
  • 26. France

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