Norway lacks about 100 priests

PriestPriest.Photo: Pixabay

Every year, 70 Norwegian priests retire, while just over half as many new priests are appointed. Now about 100 priest positions are available.

Vårt Land first discussed the matter.

Department Director Jan Christian Kielland of the Norwegian Church Council (Kirkerådet) tells NRK that the low recruitment rate is critical for the national church. Today, one third of the priests in Norway are over 60 years of age and are approaching retirement age

Because of the many vacancies, the Priesthood Association (Presteforeningen) will therefore focus more of its recruitment focus on mature adults, who may think of the priesthood as a second career.

“Many of those entering middle-age have a life experience worth gold in the priesthood profession. It’s great,” says Bjarne Nordhagen, head of human resources of the Diocese of Agder and Telemark.


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