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Norway’s largest Bible has braille

Illustration. Bible. Photo:

Norway’s largest Bible is ready – for those who have a solid bookcase and read braille.

The new Bible is three meters long and weighs 40 kilograms, said the publisher KABB (Christian Work Among the Blind and Visually impaired).

The new Bible translation from 2011 is now available in Braille, five years after the regular printed version was ready.

– We are proud and pleased that this project finally is in port.

There are around 2,000 blind people in Norway who have mastered braille so well that they prefer to read in this way rather than using audio books, says Secretary General Ingvar Nevland in KABB.

He says the new Bible version is divided into 103 booklets, in order to make it easier to take out only the part you need.

Priest Magne Bjorndal describes the release as an equality project. Bjorndal is blind and has been a consultant to the braille bible.

– As a priest, I use the Bible every day in my job, and I have really missed an updated braille version. Braille is my written language so plain printed publication is for seeing, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today