Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 18 today

Photo: Princess Ingrid Alexandra turns 18 on 21 January 2022. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Norway’s Princess Ingrid Alexandra, who today turns 18, says she is grateful for the opportunity she has and that she is ready for the role that awaits.

The princess is the first female heir to the throne born in Norway.

“I am very grateful for the opportunity I have and think that I can do a lot with it. One can, of course, dream away and wonder what a completely different life would have been like. I do too. But that’s not the life I live, so it’s hard to imagine not being in the role I’m in,” she said in an interview with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The princess is in 2nd grade at Elvebakken upper secondary school in Oslo. She is an active girl who enjoys sports, exercise, and water sports, according to her official biography.

Learned a lot from King Harald

Although Ingrid Alexandra is now 18 years old, she will probably have a somewhat withdrawn role in the coming years. In the next few years, her most important task will be to concentrate on education.

“I’m still young, and it’s a long time before I become queen…,” she noted.

When asked by the newspaper VG about what advice King Harald has given her about the role she will assume, she answered:

“He is not the type to sit down and say, ‘now we will prepare you.’ I’ve learned a lot from him anyway. What he says most often is that I just have to find my own way and my own way of doing it.”

Official representatives – including the President of the Storting, the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court Justice, and the President of the Sami Parliament – come to the Palace on Friday to congratulate the princess.

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