Norwegian named Europe’s best film photographer

UtøyaUtøya.Photo: Vegard Wivestad Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Martin Otterbeck was honored as Europe’s best film photographer during the European Film Awards (EFA) in Seville, Spain.


The photo prize was awarded to Erik Poppe’s film “Utøya 22 July”.

“Martin Otterbeck’s film photography in a masterful way balances an aesthetic concern about the political significance of the tragedy on Utøya,” the jury writes in his statement. They also claim that he used a handheld camera.

“Therefore, the film photographer had to decide what to follow and what he should not follow, thus creating an intense viewing experience where one feels that one is on the island with those youngsters,” the jury wrote about consisting of eight members of the film industry.

“There is a dangerous increase in right-wing extremism again. The film industry has the overwhelming responsibility to bring light into the dark times.” They end.

It is the 31st year of the European Film Awards.


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