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ANETTE S.THORBJØRNSEN,JON BRODALVESLEFRIKK WITH FELA.En story about being small but still quite large!.ANETTE S.THORBJØRNSEN,JON BRODAL.Photo Fortellerfestivalen


Fortellerfestivalen (The Norwegian Storytelling Festival) is a storytelling festival located in Norway. Fortellerfestivalen is an annual festival that showcases both the Norwegian and International art of storytelling. Fortellerfestivalen was started in 2004 and has for the last few years been located at Dramatikkens hus in Oslo every spring. Fortellerfestivalen is arranged by a foundation called Stiftelsen Fortellerfestivalen and is run by money from the government and other foundations. READ MORE about THE NORWEGIAN STORYTELLING FESTIVAL


Source: / Norway Today


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