Norwegian viking ship has reached North America

Viking ship. DRAKEN HARALD HÅRFAGRE, World Heritage SiteViking ship. Draken Harald Haarfagre, photo: Norway today media

The Norwegian viking ship Draken Harald Hårfagre has for the first time crossed the Atlantic. Now it is in port in “Vinland” at about the same place as Leif Eriksson were for over 1000 years ago.

Draken Harald, the world’s largest Viking ship, set out from its home port Haugesund on 24 April this year. Along the way it has made stops in Iceland and Greenland. Now the ship is at port in St. Anthony, north of Newfoundland in Canada.
– I am proud of the crew and what we have achieved on the trip. It has not been easy. We have encountered many problems on this journey, but the crew has been in good spirits and worked hard all the way,  captain Bjørn Ahlander says.
The ship will be in St. Anthony for a few days. It will then move on  towards Quebec.
Draken Harald was launched in 2012 and is built with Olav Tryggvason fabled warship Ormen Lange from the year 999 as a template.
A group of Vikings led by Leif Eiriksson discovered Newfoundland around 1000 and then named the area Vinland.



Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today