Økokrim revokes the right to use Popcorn-time.no

ØKOKRIM headquartersOslo.ØKOKRIM headquarters.The Norwegian National Authority for Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime .Photo : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Økokrim revokes the right to use Popcorn-time

Økokrim (The Norwegian Economic Crimes Unit) revokes the right to use the domain name popcorn-time.no, which was used to spread pirated movies and TV shows. The people behind go scot free. This must be considered a major breakthrough in the fight against file sharing.


Økokrim has failed to track down the person who has owned the rights to the domain or the persons who have made pirated movies and TV shows available to the public, police attorney Maria Bache Dahl tells NTB.

– We have issued an injunction against the proprietor of the right to use the domain popcorn-time.no. The injunction is a addressed the owner of the domain, as the actual culprits in the case are unknown.

There is no evidence from the investigation indicating that the properiator of the domain itself has committed the criminal offenses, she says.

The spiritual works were made available from February 2015 until Økokrim seized the right to use the domain popcorn-time.no in March last year. The site has been unavailable since Økokrim’s injuction. The Sewdish authorities, were the file sharing software was originally made available, has however not taken similar steps towards popcorn-time.se.

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