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Olavfest 2019

Photo: Olavfest 2019

TRONDHEIM INTERNATIONAL OLAV’S FESTIVAL is a week at the end of July/beginning of August packed with festivities and life, high-quality concerts and discussions, with pilgrimage and church services, with colorful and pleasing cultural expressions with rythm and peace, to be enjoyed and to provide food for thought – to put it briefly, experiences which touch us.

And which in some cases move us. Which affect us. Give us knowledge which we take with us through life, which expands the horizon and strengthens our faith – whether in God or in humans beings, or in the world as a place where we can find meaning, in our own individual way. A meeting place based on values, one which includes rather than excludes, and which highlights the importance of faith, hope and justice through art and culture which expand our conceptual world. Read more about Olavfest 2019

Source: / Norway Today

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