Oslo churches choose to have solar panels on the roof

Strand church in RogalandStrand church in Rogaland.Photo: Kristoffer Nåden Havn, Nåden Media / NTB scanpix

Strand church in Rogaland became the first house of god with self-supplied electricity from a solar panels that looks like slate roofs. Now more churches are following.

The churches in Strand and Sarpsborg already have solar cell roofs, while the roofs of Fagerborg and Røa churches in Oslo are projected with solar cell solutions, Vårt Land reports.

– “Now we are just waiting for grants from the municipality of Oslo. I am optimistic, we have good dialogue with the city council. They have shown that they are able to focus on green solutions. Now it’s the church’s turn,” says newly elected leader Jostein Vevatne of the Church Common Council in Oslo.

Rice, Røa and Ullern churches today are heated through oil firing. A switch to solar cells will cost, but it is considered to be an investment that will benefit the environment and in the long term will pay off.

Strand church in Rogaland was blessed with more electricity than it needs and can at times sell surplus power to Lyse Energi.

The Church Council, the National Antiquarian and the Employers’ Organization for Ecclesiastical Activities (KA) have set up a working group to prepare a guide for those who are considering installing solar cells on church roofs, and KA states that this will soon be completed.

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