OSLO POLICE: Woman tagged Cathedral

Police at work.Police at work..Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

A woman in her early 20’s was arrested Monday at Oslo’s St. Olav cathedral;and police say she was caught in the act of desecrating the church.


Oslo police district operations manager Rune Hekkelstrand gave details of the arrest to the Norwegian News Agency, saying “It appears to be pure vandalism.We were alerted by an alert citizen.’ –

“The tipster reported seeing 3 “shady characters”; 2 men & a woman, who seemed to be milling about upon the grounds of St. Olaf’s.’ –

“When we arrived, we found this woman in the act of spray painting, or ‘tagging’ graffiti upon the exterior walls of the church. The 2 men were released and the perpetrator arrested and now awaits interrogation for her criminal acts.’ –

“Upon evaluating the alleged vandal’s history, police records indicate that the accused has another case pending against her and is scheduled for hearing,” said Hekkelstrand.

Operation manager Hekkelstrand also gave that the woman was using cans of black spray paint and had painted 3 separate, one meter squares upon the cathedrals exterior walls.

HRH Olaf II Haraldsson, later known as St. Olaf, was King of Norway from 1015 to 1028 and is Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae – “The Eternal King of Norway”.

In the 1800’s, Her Royal Highness Queen Josephine was most gracious in her efforts in behalf of the construction of St. Olaf’s cathedral, and her financial support for the project facilitated bring St. Olaf’s to fruition.

A small relic of bone from St. Olav’s arm has been within the cathedral since the 1860’s.

The first mass was held in 1856 and the cathedral saw consecration in 1896.


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