Peace Prize winner, Mukwege, in Norway

Nobel Laureate Denis Mukwege,Nobel Laureate, Denis Mukwege, has arrived in Oslo. Photo:

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Denis Mukwege, is in Norway

Gynaecologist Denis Mukwege, one of the two winners of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, has landed at Oslo Airport, Gardermoen on Saturday morning.


The 63-years-old Congolese landed at Oslo Airport just before noon.

– I hope to have the opportunity to talk to people about the situation of sexual violence against women. This is an extremely important issue, and I am pleased that their plight is now being recognised with this award, the Nobel Peace Prize winner tells NTB.

It has been snowing heavily in the Oslo area in recent days, and the first Mukwege experiences is an airport covered in snow.

– I hail from a hot country. With so much snow it is very cold for me, Mukwege says before heading for the Norwegian capital.

Difficult to leave his work behind

Mukwege was in the operating theatre at the hospital where he works when he on October 5th received the message that he is awarded the Nobel Prize.

– Of course, it’s hard to leave my work to come here. I’m busy all year long, and it’s hard for my patients to wait for me while I’m gone. But I’m here for only a short period of time before I go back home to continue my work, Mukwege informs.

He adds that he hopes to have time to meet his relatives in Norway during the visit.

About 50 of Mukwege’s family members reside in Norway, among them his nephew and football player Mushaga Bakenga (Tromsø). It is not yet known when Nadia Murad, the former ISIL prisoner from Iraq who receives the Peace Prize along with Mukwege, will arrive in Norway.

Tight schedule

On Sunday, the annual press conference takes place at the Nobel Institute, where the Peace Prize winners Nadia Murad and Mukwege will answer questions from the press.

Later that day there is a folk party outside Oslo City Hall. The free concert will be directed by Kåre Magnus Bergh and Silje Nordnes, and among the artists to perform are DDE, Julie Bergan, Kurt Nilsen and Wenche Myhre. Both Peace Prize winners will be present at the concert.

The outdoor event is held as a substitute for the traditional Nobel concert. It was cancelled earlier this year due to the poor economy, and because the organiser wishes to consider the content and format, according to the Nobel Institute.

Mukwege and Murad will be awarded the Prize at the official Nobel Ceremony in Oslo Town Hall Monday at 1 pm. Later in the evening, the two winners will according to tradition wave to the torch march outside the Grand Hotel in Oslo city centre.


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