Photos: Check out Norway’s Norse Atlantic Airways’ Viking-inspired branding

Norse Atlantic AirwaysPhoto: Norse Atlantic Airways / Press

The new Norwegian airline proudly showcases its Scandinavian roots through its unique design, inspired by an ancient Norwegian Viking ship.

Norway’s newest airline Norse Atlantic Airways, set to lift off in 2022, aims to fill the gap left behind after Norwegian Air ceased to operate across the Atlantic. The six destinations announced at its launch – Oslo, London, Paris to New York, Los Angeles, and Fort Lauderdale – will reportedly be joined by more in the coming months.

The airline follows the successful launch of another Norwegian airline, Flyr, which caters to both domestic as well as popular international routes.

Norse Atlantic Airways’ look

Check out the airline’s Viking-style branding below.

Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways / Press
Norse Atlantic Airways
Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways / Press
Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways / Press
Photo: Norse Atlantic Airways / Press

Viking-inspired branding

The Norse Atlantic Airways logo, featured on the rear end of the airplane, is made to resemble the Oseberg longship in Oslo.

The Oseberg ship is a famous and well-preserved Viking ship, built in the year 820 AD and buried in the year 834. It was since excavated in 1904 and can now be found at the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo.

If you want to see the Oseberg ship in person in Oslo, you will need to go before October 1st. After this, the museum will be closed for renovation until 2025. Photo: Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo

The airline refers to its unique branding as “a symbol of the long-lasting ingenuity of Viking explorers.”

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