Protection of Skudeneshavn guaranteed

SkudeneshavnOld Skudeneshavn on the southern tip of Karmøy is a wooden house settlement. Archive photo: Helge Hansen / NTB

Skudeneshavn preservation guaranteed

The Norwegian King in state council consecrated Skudeneshavn in Karmøy as a culturally protected environment on Friday. The settlement includes a total of 180 properties.


Skudeneshavn is one of Norway’s best locations of preserved wooden houses, and the conservation will safeguard the cultural-historical legacy from the time after 1940. The area, which is governed by the Cultural Heritage Act, includes streets, locations, buildings, and parks, and accounts for more than 93 acres and 180 properties.

“With the conservation, we ensure a very special and well-preserved coastal city,” said climate and environmental minister, Ola Elvestuen of Venstre (V).

Areas are allowed for normal external maintenance, subject to the use of the same methods and materials. It is also permitted to modernize and change the commercial buildings and homes.


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