Unique experience at the Pulpit Rock

Film screening of Mission Impossible 6 at the Pulpit Rock in the Forsand municipality. Photo: NTB scanpix / Carina Johansen

Unique movie experience at the Pulpit Rock

2,000 people gathered in front of the silver screen at the Pulpit Rock in Lysefjorden to experience the pre-premiere of «Mission: Impossible – Fallout» in the dark of the night.


The outdoors cinema on the famous mountain plateau started at 11 pm on Wednesday night. More than 1,500 had bought tickets, while another 300-400 guests were invited, according to Stavanger Aftenblad.

NRK’s reporter on the spot said before the movie started that everything was in place for a unique cinematic experience.

– It’s a wonderful summer evening, with a magical atmosphere. People are enjoying themselves. It is perfect weather conditions, with no wind, Stine Rørvik reported.

According to NRK, well known Stavanger actor Kristoffer Joner, who plays the role of nuclear physicists in the movie, is naturally one of the invited guests. Main actor Tom Cruise, actor Henry Cavill and director of the movie, Christopher McQuarrie, were not present but sent their greetings to the public.

they stated that they had experienced the Pulpit Rock as a spectacular recording site and that they wish that they had the opportunity to be present during the pre-premiere.

Quite a distance between Lysefjorden and Kashmir. Map: Google

Extraordinary outdoors cinema

Behind the silver screen, the mountainside drops more than 600 metres into Lysefjorden. It was along this sheer cliff that Cruise was dangling during the recording of the movie last autumn. The Pulpit Rock is clearly visible for four minutes towards the end of the film, but the location has been relocated to Kashmir in the movie.

NRK has previously written that the Norwegian tourism industry will fly a number of international media to the spectacular movie theatre in the hope that this will contribute to extra attention to where the scene is actually shot.

– We have brought with us the coolest cinematic equipment that is possible to obtain. Outdoors cinema we do a lot of, but rarely so high into the mountains and far from any roads, says Tore Brede Michelsen and John Erik Armelius in Unique Cinema Systems.

Mass exodus

The action-packed movie lasts for 2 hours and 25 minutes. Then it was time for a mass exodus down from the mountain around 2 am on Thursday. The trail was equipped with 200 spotlights, and people were encouraged to use head torches.

At 4.45 am, the Southwest Police District tells NTB that they have not received a single message about problems connected to the descent.

According to Stavanger Aftenblad, some chose to sleep over on the plateau, in order to take the trip back down on Thursday morning.

The event was filmed

According to NRK, professionals were hired to film the entire pre-premiere event, but it is currently uncertain what the material will be used for.

«Mission: Impossible – Fallout» has by the way gotten brilliant reviews worldwide and sold tickets for USD 61.5 million during the opening weekend in the USA – a record for the movie series.


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