Queen Sonja baptised her art gallery as a concert venue

Queen SonjaQueen Sonja.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Queen Sonja’s art gallery was used as a concert hall for the first time, with a gift from the Oslo Chamber Music Festival to the Queen, who celebrated her 80th birthday this year.


During the concert on Tuesday night, film soundtrack music, folk music, and classical chamber music were performed by Elisabeth Leonskaja, Mari Eriksmoen, Knut Buen, Birgitta Oftestad and Nikita Khnykin, as well those who initiated the event, Håvard Gimse, and Arve Tellefsen.

The two had previously played a musical performance during a reception at the same place. The royal couple had invited those who had contributed to the cultural present they received for their 80th birthday.

The Cultural gift was an exhibition of 164 graphic works in the art gallery, and a multitude of contributions to the Oscar Hall as a cultural arena.

The queen thanked the many contributors to what she thinks is the most beautiful birthday gift imaginable.

‘Thanks to many of you today, we have been able to rename the beautiful castle, the Kulturslottet Oscarshall. This stage has been filled with music and song, dance and theater throughout 40 performances. It’s a dream come true’, said the queen.

‘We need the art to live a good life. We need art, and cultural experiences to challenge, enrich, to wake us up, to recognize, to laugh, cry, and ask questions. Not everything affects us equally strongly. But in the face of art, we open up to gain new impressions. It’s vital,’ said Queen Sonja.

© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today