Queen Sonja and Opdahl with exhibition on Vinstra

Peer Gynt Queen Sonja Ørnulf OpdahlVinstra. Queen Sonja and artist Ørnulf Opdahl opened Peer Gynt exhibition.Photo: Geir Olsen / NTB scanpix

Queen Sonja and Ørnulf Opdahl with art exhibition on Vinstra

Queen Sonja and the painter Ørnulf Opdahl opened a joint art exhibition during this year’s ‘Peer Gynt’ festival on Vinstra in Oppland.



The exhibition was opened on Saturday afternoon at the Peer Gynt House on Vinstra in connection with this year’s ‘Peer Gynt’ festival.

– We are very pleased that we have a great artistic gettogether featuring Queen Sonja and Ørnulf Opdahl, says CEO in Peer Gynt Inc, Marit Lien.

Older cultures

Opdahl is inspired by European masters like Velázquez, Rembrandt and Turner, and he has collected impulses from older cultures both within Europe and elsewhere.

In particular East Asian literature and philosophy has been important. For the most part oil painting is Opdahl’s medium, but he also works a lot with watercolors, drawings and lithography.

Interest in nature and photography, as well as Kjell Nupen’s “brush strokes” and Opdahl’s dark mountains, are clearly notable in Queen Sonja’s expression of art.

The joint exhibition lasts until August 13.



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