The Queen’s childhood home is being cut up and moved

Royal engagementHistoric picture.Oslo. Royal engagement. Crown Prince Harald and Sonja Haraldsen on the way out from his home Tuengen Alle. Photo. Current/Scanpix Foto. Aktuell / Scanpix

The work of cutting up Queen Sonja childhood home, dividing it into small  pieces and moving them to Maihaugen, is underway. When all the pieces has arrived there, it will be restored in its original condition, and the queen will contribute.

The functionalist residence in Vinderen where Sonja Haraldsen took her first steps as a child and grew up, will be represented in the 1930’s architecture collection Residential Development at Maihaugen.

The house will be cut in the middle, dismantled in carefully measured cubes and moved securely  in trailers to Maihaugen in Lillehammer.

– It’s fun, we like that kind of work,  project manager  in Nordic Crane, Arne Bergheim who are moving house, says to the news agency NTB.

This is one of the larger removal projects they have been involved in.

After the Haraldsen family moved , the house has been changed, but at Maihaugen plan is to present it the way  it was when the Queen lived there.

Queen Sonja has promised both to contribute  objects to   contribute to the documentation , but do not want to make any further comments on her involvement  to NTB.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today