Queues at the National Museum

National MuseumOslo. National Museum.Photo: wikipedia.org

Queues at the National Museum before moving

In two weeks, the Norwegian National Museum in Oslo closes its doors at the current location for good. During the Christmas period up to 2,000 persons visited the museum every day.

The National Museum temporarily closes from January 13, in connection with its relocation of the museum to Vestbanen (the old railway station) in Oslo. After this date, the art is packed down, a total of 53,031 works, and will not be seen until the new National Museum opens its doors in 2020.

Communications Director Eirik Kydland at the museum, tells Aftenposten that the museum has had almost 2,000 persons visiting daily during the Christmas period.

“The big increase is probably due to the fact that we are temporarily closing the National Gallery in mid-January, and that many people want to see the popular Sohlberg exhibition before that,” says Kydland.

January 13, 2019 is the last chance to experience the collection in its traditional surroundings that have housed the National Gallery since 1882. In these last 10 days, the museum will be open untill 9 pm in the evening so that everyone interested can get a chance to see the artworks.

It includes the exhibition of Harald Sohlberg’s works. The exhibition has become a spectators favorite with over 75,000 visitors.

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