We read just more and more books

booksBooks.Photo: pixabay.com

If you read books in the Easter holidays, you are not alone. Reading has not only remained at a stable level, but also showed an increase over the years, according to Statistics Norway.

Statisticians have investigated further in their datas about books and reading habits on the occasion of Easter.

 Norwegians love to read books in their spare time, based on the statistics dating back in 1991, according to Odd Vaage, senior adviser at Statistics Norway (SSB) and author of cultural and media usage survey Norwegian media barometer.

 – There has been a decline in the reading of any other printed media, while the reading of books not only have remained at a stable level, but also showed an increase over the years, says Vaage.

 And not only that: Of all the deals surveyed Culture Barometer, book reading is the most people claimed to be very interested in.

 – Both sports events and concerts are other popular activities, with respectively 20 and 21 percent report that they are very interested, but reading books is on top of the list with 25 percent, says Vaage.

 Statistics show that 23 percent of all Norwegians read books in their spare time on a daily basis, but only 2 percent said they read e-books daily. Among the authors who are highly ranked on the charts, ours, there is a disproportionate number of those who write crime.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today