Record for bourgeois confirmations

confirmation bourgeois confirmationsOslo 20110522. Humanistisk konfirmasjon (borgerlig konfirmasjon)Photo: Marianne Løvland / Scanpix

Record number of bourgeois confirmations

In 2017 the number of so called bourgeois confirmations was record high. More than 10,500 young people chose to be confirmed outside a religious community. And it can become even more in 2018.


In total, 10,509 youngsters chose to follow a humane ethical course last year. That accounts for 17.4 percent of the total number of those eligble in 2017, according to figures from the Human-Ethical Society. Never before has so many chosen to do so.

When the deadline for signing up for humanistic confirmation in 2018 expired in October, 11,288 people had signed up. That spells thus even more registrations this year.

At the same time, the society reports that the membership increased by 2,123 people in 2017. There are 89,782 members registered in total at the turn of the year. Ever since the beginning of the 1980s, the number of members has increased steadily.

Figures from the Human Ethical Society show that a total of 5,077 people joined last year. Withdrawals from 2,419 people, coupled with with 535 deaths, gives a net membership growth of 2,123 people.

The increase in memberships is somewhat less than during 2016, but the society still anticipate to reach the milestone of 90,000 members in either January or February.

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