Røros named the country’s best cultural municipality

RørosRøros.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

For the seventh consecutive year, Røros can be called the country’s best cultural municipality.The second best places are deemed Ål and Lillehammer.


This is evidenced by the Norwegian Cultural Index,which was prepared by Telemark Research for the eighth time.

All municipalities in the country are ranked in ten different categories to measure cultural activity. According to researcher, Bård Kleppe, of Telemark research, cultural activity has generally been stable in recent years.At the same time, with some variation, there are the same municipalities throned on top.

“What we see is that the cultural offer is very wide and that it is decentralised. We find high culture across the country from north to south ” Kleppe told NTB news.

Telemark Research has prepared the index by looking at the use and offer of museums, concerts, cultural schools, volunteers, cinemas, performing arts, libraries
and offers through the Cultural Schools.

The top ten list consists of Røros on top, followed by Ål in Hallingdal, Lillehammer, Gloppen, Trondheim, Vågan,Bø in Telemark,Molde,Nord Aurdal and Stavanger.

Through funding from the Research Council of Norway,Telemark Research has also looked at what structural factors are important for culture and cultural activities in Norwegian municipalities.

The main findings that were made indicate, among other things,that age and income are not important for the culture level.Educational levels have an effect on the
location of the cultural index,wherein central visiting municipalities have more and more culture,and municipalities with colleges have more culture,but the offer is less for children.


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