Roskilde: Viking ship replica “Havhingsten” successfully launched despite bad weather

Photo: Keld Navntof / SCANPIX

A lot of people were present at the launch of the Viking ship replica “Havhingsten” during the weekend. The “Havhingsten” is a 30-meter-long reconstruction of a longship from the Viking Age.

On April 9, around 100 volunteers helped launch the freshly painted “Havhingsten” in the museum harbor.

Despite cold temperatures and strong winds, it was a beautiful day, and many people had turned up to see the ship being launched. 

The launch of the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum’s many boats these weeks marks the start of a sailing season that will hopefully no longer be hampered by the restrictions that have limited volunteer work around the boats in recent years, Trine Harvøe Kristensen wrote on the website of the museum.

The Easter activities in the museum

On April 9, the museum initiated many Easter activities. This year, the theme is “Feel the past…”. Children and adults are invited to follow in the archaeologists’ footsteps to get up and close to the past.

In the ancient workshop, guests will be able to analyze a skeleton, and in the archaeologists’ laboratory, they will get to see and touch some of the objects that the museum’s marine archaeologists have excavated from the seabed around Denmark, the Viking Herald reports.

The holiday activities last up to Monday, April 18, and the program also offers, among other things, family tours and baking flatbread over a campfire.

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