Sami should receive citizenship pay

Sami President Vibeke LarsenSámediggi Sametinget - Vibeke Larsen. Uploaded by Arsenikk, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Sami candidate believes all Sami should receive citizenship pay

Because of norwegianisation the state is morally obliged to give all Sami citizen citizens pay, says the sami Parlimentary candidate. – Not going to happen, Frp responds.


Inga Evelyn Gaup, second candidate for parliamentary elections in the Northern constituency of the newly launched party Šiella, believes the state has a moral obligation to the Sami, writes iFinnmark. Gaup shows including the Sami people have lost parts of their language and culture in norwegianisation and therefore should receive compensation. A monthly, lifelong citizen wages to anyone who are registered in the sami electoral register will solve several problems, including for the reindeer industry, she believes.

– There is a danger that the Sami will end if you do not stimulate one or the other. Citizen pay will stimulate to innovation, says Gaup.

The idea does not receive support from the head of the Municipal and Management committee in the Norwegian Parliament, Helge Andre Njåstad (Frp).

– Such discrimination between Sami and Norwegians is of course out of the question to FrP. And it is unwise for candidates to promote such a notion. It only reduces the views on and understanding of the Sami people, says Njåstad.

Interesting notion

Former president of the Sami Parliament and the current leader of Šiella, Vibeke Larsen, think that is an interesting notion.

– The solution is not there yet, but she has come up with an idea. And that sami policy needs are new ideas; We are quite cemented in old mindsets,  she says to the newspaper.


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