Saturday is the day of the bark boat – come out and play in nature

Saturday is bark boat daySaturday is bark boat day.Photo: Marius Dalseg Sætre / Turistforeninegn / NTB scanpix


The Tourist Association  organizes  a bark boat day on Saturday and encourage everyone to play outside in nature. The goal is to get thousands of bark boats across the country.

– If you want your kids to experience  amazing summer adventures, you do not have to go abroad or to large family parks, the simplest solution is often the best,  General  secretary of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT), Nils Øveraas, says.
DNT has noticed that many children have very scheduled weekdays and holidays, and hope that the bark boat day may be a suggestion for a simple and spontaneous activity that makes use of nature.
For those seeking a little competition, DNT has  two pieces of advice. You can bring your friends, family and neighbor along for a walk and see who has the fastest boat, and you can post pictures on social media to see who has made the finest boat.
If there are many participatants, you may use scraps of paper with names on that seal.
– But remember to pick up the labels again, so that  they are not left in nature,  Mette Øinæs Habberstad says to DNT.
DNT also hope for many pictures in social media, so those attending may feel that they are part of something bigger than making and using their own boat.
– Add a snail on the tongue
– The most important thing is that even more are reminded of how fun and enjoyable it can be to spend time playing in nature, says Øveraas.
Bark boats and cone animals bring back childhood memories and summer memories for many people. The Children’s Hiking Association has several suggestions for activities that do not need to be planned long in advance.
– Lie on your stomach and drink directly from the stream, put a snail on the tongue and feel that it’s alive, jump from rock to rock on the trail and compete on not stepping on the ground. You only need to take the time to stop and explore the country on your own terms,  Kristin Oftedal says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today