Scandinavia’s first Bible Museum is looking for a location

BibleBible. Photo: Nordisk bibelmuseum

The first Bible Museum will showcase 2,500 different Bibles and will open in Oslo in four months. They only lack a location.


Bible museums are rare in themselves, both in the world and in the Scandinavian countries, where there is no such museum.

But once it is open, according to plan somewhere in Oslo, the museum will offer a variety of rare books. Among other things, the first Nordic Bible from 1541, which came from Sweden, and the first Danish Bible from 1550.

– ‘’Several of the old books are beautifully illustrated and are interesting as well as visual arts. Some of the oldest Bible pages are written on leather or parchment and date back to the 13th century. The old Bibles are a cultural treasure that tells many interesting stories,’’ says Rune Arnhoff, who will showcase his entire collection in the museum.

The current problem is that they have not yet found a suitable location in Oslo’s city center since negotiations to rent space at the Ibsen Museum fell through and they decided to expand instead.

“Although a good deal remains before everything is ready for opening, the most important thing is now to find a location. So I hope we’ll find a place quickly,” Arnhoff said.


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  1. Hello, I live in San Antonio Texas in the United States. Where should I donate a Norwegian bible from 1744? Thanks VC 7/23/18

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