Scenes for the new Bond film may be filmed on the Atlantic Highway


A helicopter company has applied to close the airspace over the Atlantic Road in Møre og Romsdal to film for the new James Bond film “Bond 25”.

The helicopter company Nord Helikopter has submitted an application to the Civil Aviation Authority to close off the airspace over the road stretch on Nordmøre from June 5 to 14 for film recording.

‘The film is James Bond, and it is of great importance to the local business community both in the short and long term, in addition to the advertising value this has for Norway and Møre as a tourist destination,’ the company wrote in the application that NRK has gained access to.

The movie “Bond 25” with Daniel Craig starring has been awarded NOK 47 million in incentive grants for filming in Norway. The allocation is the largest since the incentive scheme was introduced in 2015.

The film, according to the IMDb website, will premiere in April 2020 and is the 25th film in the series on the British agent.

North Helicopter has applied to use up to two helicopters over the area, one with camera equipment and one to move people and equipment and for use as “backup”.

I can confirm that we have applied for permission to block the area, says Øystein Skovro in North Helicopter.

According to NRK, there will probably also be filming in Rauma in Romsdalen.

In March and April, scenes were recorded for “Bond 25” in the forest in Nittedal in Akershus.

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