Served pork blubber for asylum seekers

FSA reacts after asylum seekers at a reception in Stavanger was served meat toppings with pork blubber
It was during a session Friday that the FSA discovered that it was served a beef roll which also contained pork blubber.
– Considering that a good part of the asylum seekers are Muslims, this is unfortunate, says section leader Gyrid Espeland in the FSA to the local newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad.
She says they got the impression that the staff was not aware that the beef roll contained pork.
– It is very unfortunate that this happens, the Food Act clearly states that it is a duty to take account of consumers and the presentation of the food is accurate and not misleading, says Espeland.
 The beef roll is now removed from food offerings, thus, consider the FSA to have completed  this case.
– This product was immediately withdrawn. Procedures will be tightened up so that this will not happen again, says CEO Therese Log Bergjord in Compass Group, which accounts for food service at the reception said. She says that they had used under a kilo beef roll per day.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today