Several want to be freeze-dried when they die

Cementary Burial Freeze-driedCementary. Photo:

Several Norwegians want to be freeze-dried when they die

In Norway, cremation and casket funeral are the alternatives when you die. More environmentally friendly methods exist, and 110 Norwegians are looking forward to be freeze-dried in Sweden.


This is reported by Vårt Land, who also explains the details of the process. The deceased is firstly frozen to 18 minus degrees Celsius, then freeze dried in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of minus 196 degrees centigrade and finally vibrated using sound to an environmentally friendly dry powder.

The method is not allowed in Norway today, where the options after end of life is limited to be cremated or put in a coffin and buried. The ashes can be spread on a mountain or over the sea, but neither of those options is particularly environmentally friendly the way they are employed today. The newspaper writes that Norwegian policy in this area seems to be at a standstill.

Church monopoly

– I find it strange that such do not have greater choice in the coffin. A trend can be seen if one reads funeral blogs, is that more and more people want to use environmentally friendly materials such as braided coffins or recycled cardboard, says social scientist and reporter, Oda Rygh.

She stated that the church is a brake on alternative types of burial because it has a monopoly on funerals.


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